“Zizza”, which means a very large mozzarella that has the characteristic shape of a breast, a symbol of genuineness and abundance.
Zizza of buffalo milk from 1 kg / 2 kg / 3 kg, sold individually. Cost: € 11.00 per kg.
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Zizza by Donna Sofia is a great mozzarella made from buffalo milk. It is produced in versions ranging from 1 kg to 3 kg and is a sight to see and enjoy. It has nothing different from the classic buffalo mozzarella, in terms of processing and preservation. The size is different and this peculiarity makes it unique in its kind. Given the large size, the buffalo mozzarella must be consumed at least one day after its production. Which makes it ideal for worldwide shipping. Immediately recognize Donna Sofia’s Zizza, it has a thin, smooth and shiny surface. The milk that comes out when cut is abundant and dense. This is not the serum that flows and forms the famous tear. This is real milk, which floods the dairy product and enhances the musky aroma and the sour and sweet taste.
Campana buffalo milk, rennet, salt
Nutritional values ​​and composition for 100 g of Zizza
Water 56 g. Proteins 18 g. Fats (lipids) 21 g. Glucides 4.6 g. Iron 0.2 mg. Calcium 403 mg. Phosphorus 240 mg
How to preserve the ZIZZA of buffalo milk from Campania
This great mozzarella must be kept in its liquid for four or five days. Precisely because of its large size, if left at room temperature, it acquires even more flavor. And what happens if you keep it in the fridge? Low temperatures eliminate the musky aroma and elasticity of the pasta. Mozzarella becomes rubbery and compact, ultimately losing all its organoleptic properties. Don’t forget that pasta filata cheeses are born at high temperatures, to then be cooled, so as to acquire their elasticity. Therefore, if you are unable to consume the dairy product within a few days of purchase, you can keep it in the refrigerator. Remember, however, to immerse Donna Sofia’s Zizza, with the whole envelope strictly sealed, in hot water, before eating it. In this way, you will restore all its aroma and its irresistible consistency.

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Regione: Campania

Minimum order quantity: 10 Unit

Unit Box: 3 Unit

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Restriction: Payment bank transfer 7 days from invoice date

Mode of transport: ex-works

Donna Sofia la mozzarella di casa mia

“Donna Sofia” was born from the commitment and passion of the Nappo family, which for over twenty years has dedicated itself to the art of dairy production. With the help of little secrets, learned over the years by expert master cheesemakers, the various phases of pasta processing are performed, obtaining products with precious organoleptic qualities. The production department of Donna Sofia, today boasts a structure equipped with integrated technologies, for the creation of high quality products, without neglecting the traditional craft method. Every day the dairy collects buffalo milk from farms in the Caserta area, which it is constantly analyzed to then be processed in full compliance with hygiene and health regulations and community regulations to guarantee the authenticity of the product and the greeting of consumers, because only the best milk gives Donna Sofia products that inseparable delicate and natural flavor . Mozzarella Di Bufala.
Export manager Ignazio Ranieri

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