Vincotto Ingentilito


The “Vincotto Ingentilito” is best used in dips and sauces and it is a mild alternative to Balsamic Vincotto. This product is free from colorants, preservatives and additives.

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A rich full bodied sweet wine and grape must reduction. Alcohol free. High in healthy antioxidants, polyphenols and natural flavour enhancing properties. Free from colourants and additives.


Delicious on sweet and savoury dishes, sauces and in drinks. Great on pancakes, and sliced mozzarella.


Primitivo wine I.G.P. Salento, cooked prape must, red wine vinegar. May contains traces of naturally occuring sulphide.


Produced, bottled and packed on the company estate at Melissano, Salento , Puglia-ltalia.


Best kept and used at room temperature.


5 years, at ambient temperature.


Glass bottle “Fiorentina” of ML. 250 – FL. Oz.8.33.

PET Plastic container 5L – FL. Oz.8.33.


Produced with 2 years aged primitivo wine, further aged for 6 months

to mellow.


Full HACCp system CEE 852/04.

Batch controls done through University of Salento.

Retail Price:

Wholesale Price:

Volume: 250 ml

Net weight: 312 g

Gross Weight: 645 g

Shelf life: 5 year

Regione: Puglia

Minimum order quantity: Unit

Unit Box: 6 Unit

Certifications and Awards:


Mode of transport:

Vincotto Primitivo

The story of the company goes back three generations through Venneri family who nurtured its vineyards respecting nature and the environment. This philosophy continues to be maintained by the company today with its natural farming techniques and sustainable energy policy.

The company, which recently moved to commercial, is able to supply large markets, locally and abroad.

VincottO PrimitivO is  a natural balsamic from Salento, Apulia. It is made from Salento Primitivo IGP wine and cooked grape must. It is traditionally made from a local recipe using cooked grape must and wine vinegary slowly reduced together for 24 hours.

The traditional recipe has been updated in order to make the product commercially available to the consumers. It’s a syrup rich in healthy nutrients such as antioxidants that help human body’s functions.

Free from colorants, free from preservatives, free from additives.

The smells and flavors of the Salentine Peninsula, a land kissed by the sun and caressed by the sea, are the special ingredients that make this products so tasty and innovative.

VincottO PrimitivO is a versatile product, that can be used in the preparation of hot and cold dishes and enriches any dish of international cuisines.

-It is a natural flavor enhancer and is a natural product, free from additives and preservatives.

-It is innovative: it is the NEW Italian product coming from Salento; it brings new freshness to your shelves attracting consumers’ eyes and making them encouraged to buy products on those shelves.

-It is an authentic Salentine product, strictly linked to Primitivo IGP wine.

Export Manager: Marco Nassisi



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