Taralli 200g

Crumbly and genuine Artisan Product, recalling the traditional flavors of the past. To be enjoyed at any time of the day. Available in 300 gr and 200 g

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Crumbly biscuits obtained from the mixture of flour, sourdough, oil, water and salt, worked until it reaches the right elasticity. From the pasta clippings, the typical shape is given to the taralli. The craftsmanship is characterized by the process of boiling in hot water and finally the passage in the oven, until reaching the typical golden color, conferring taste and friability to the product.

Package Variations:


Format Variations :

Classics with ExtraVirgin Olive Oil
Fennel Flavour
Integral Flavour
Rosemary Flavour
Onions Flavour
Pizzaiola Flavour
Chili Pepper  Flavour
Olive Flavour
Sesame Flavour
Mais Flavour
Cereal and seeds Flavour
Potatoes and Rosemary Flavour
Garlic ,  Oil and Chili Pepper Flavour
Pepper Flavour

Pallet Packages :

PALLET: 80 box
unit box : 20 units

Retail Price:

Wholesale Price:


Net weight: 200 g

Gross Weight: g

Shelf life:

Regione: Campania

Minimum order quantity: Unit

Unit Box: 20 Unit

Certifications and Awards:


Mode of transport:

L' Arte dei Sapori

The wisdom of experienced hands

We work our baked goods by artisanal methods from the best local tradition, respecting the standards set by the European Union. Each product takes shape by the dedication and wisdom of experienced hands.

Selected raw materials

Knead the land products: the Italian wheat flour, organic and natural, water and extra virgin olive oil with low acidity. We prefer fresh ingredients, certificates and of excellent quality.

All our products are absolutely free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), preservatives and additives. Choices with care and attention, our raw materials are produced in compliance with laws and regulations on hygiene and health.
We value time

In accordance with the genuine tradition panaria, we knead our ingredients only with the addition of yeast and we await the sourdough times for their maturation.
Authenticity and health

To protect the health and well-being of the consumer, we use extra virgin olive oil, for its many virtues, and peanut oil rich in vitamin E, which are recognized antioxidant and cholesterol levels regulating blood. So,we get highly digestible products even for those who are intolerant to yeast.

Export Manager: Ignazio Ranieri

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