Superior di Cartizze – Brut 750ml


Superior di Cartizze – Brut – Sparkling  11% vol. alchohol

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Luvit’s Cartizze is a Prosecco Superiore (superior Prosecco). It is created in Valdobbiadene’s heart, where a special micro climate creates this Cartizze which is unique in the Italian wine world. It’s an excellent Spumante with a fine perlage and a typically fruity aroma. It’s the perfect wine to taste in a wine bar or to celebrate a special event. We recommend matching this wine to Italian traditional sweets, such as Treviso’s Tiramisu. It’s a fantastic gift idea for refined wines lovers.

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Volume: 750 ml

Net weight:

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Shelf life:

Regione: Veneto

Minimum order quantity: 60 Unit

Unit Box: 1 Unit

Certifications and Awards: Valdobbiane D.O.C.G.


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