100% Apulian Wheat
Dried in 72 Hours at 37°C
Cooking Time 12 minutes
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Strozzapreti 100% Grains of Puglia, artisanal pasta dried at 37/38 ° in 24h

Strozzapreti del Maestro are produced using only wheat from the Puglia board characterized by high elasticity, consistency and toughness, which allows you to select the best semolina, for a good and healthy pasta.
Mastro Sapore pasta is born from a rigorously artisanal process, in which it is worked by hand in compliance with the classic methods of pasta making, leaving the raw material and the production phases all the time to give life to a "golden" pasta.

Cooking: 12 min.
Denomination: durum wheat semolina pasta
Ingredients: durum wheat semolina, water
Allergens: gluten
How to store: store in a cool and dry place

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Net weight: 0.500

Gross Weight:

Shelf life:

Regione: Italia

Minimum order quantity: Unit

Unit Box: Unit

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We buy our raw materials at a fair price to protect our
farmers, allowing them to cultivate the land according
to market trends and fully concentrate on the quality of

1. We use only the best raw materials grown in Apuglia
2. We guarantee every phase of our supply chain, from
field to table
3. We strictly follow artisanal processing methods
4. We respect both our fellow man and the land

Export manager: Sabina Zicolella

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