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Humidity                            12,5%
Protein                              12,06%
Fat                                           1,36
Saturated Fat                        0,36
Carbohydrates                    75,80
Nitrogenous Substances     1,93
Energy Value kcal                 364
Energy Value kj                   1544

Packaging                           500gr.
Lenght                                 4,5cm
Thickness                           1,7mm
Kind                       Durum wheat
Cooking time    8 min. or 4 min.

Retail Price:

Wholesale Price:


Net weight: 500 g

Gross Weight: g

Shelf life: 24 month

Regione: Sicilia

Minimum order quantity: Unit

Unit Box: 12 Unit

Certifications and Awards: CSQA, Eccellenze Italiane, Made in Sicily Prodotti in Italia.


Mode of transport:

Pastificio Agricolo Lenato

It all began in 1929 when the grandfather Gaetano Lenato began to grow Sicilian durum wheat on a land of 1ha in the center of the island in Sicily, mother land of Sicilian durum wheat in Europe. Passion and love for the earth has continued to represent the basic inspiration for the generations to follow. Today the Lenato family has reached the 3rd generation. The brothers Gaetano and Alessio take care of 180 hectares of land cultivated with different hard grains and have looked towards the future, guaranteeing the working process within their farm from harvest to transformation into excellent high quality of PASTA LENATO. The Department of Agriculture, Nutrition and Environment of the University of Catania is in the process of analyzing the PASTA LENATO to confirm its wholesomeness. PASTA LENATO is produced in natural form, using pure water, analyzed every six months and follows a very slow drying (15- 25 hours) and drawn in bronze that gives the PASTA LENATO the best performances such as roughness, density and callosity.

Export Manager  Fratelli Chiaramonte

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