Cornstarch, rice flour, potato starch, sugar, vegetable fiber: psyllium, dex
-trose, thickener: E464, vegetable fiber: inulin, fructose, stabilizer: sorbitol.
Lactose free

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Average Nutritional Values

Kcal 346                           Kj 1446,3
fats                                             0,5 g
of which saturated fats        0,14 g
carbohydrate                         81,2 g
of which sugars                   10,26 g
fibers                                       8,14 g
proteins                                    2,5 g
salt                                       19,3 mg

box size 36x26x13, 8 packages for box

Retail Price:

Wholesale Price:


Net weight: 1 Kg

Gross Weight: Kg

Shelf life: 12 month

Regione: Italia

Minimum order quantity: Unit

Unit Box: 8 Unit

Certifications and Awards: BIO, IFS FOOD, BRC FOOD, ISO 9001


Mode of transport:

Le farine dei nostri sacchi

Our company has been producing gluten-free flour mixtures since more than 10
years in Palermo, Italy. We have handed down the excellence of the Sicilian food to
the Gluten Free market, with our mixtures it’s easy to produce bread, pizza, cannoli,
cakes etc. We have 18 different ones. We have also added a new ORGANIC
production line with 4 blends for preparing bread, pizza and cakes. The company,
established in 2008 as a family company and factory, is presently located inside a
large industrial complex. Since the very beginning of its production cycle, the
company obtained the official license issued by the “Ministero della Salute” (Italian
Health Ministry) to produce, sell and distribute Gluten-Free flours and bakery
products. Another fundamental rule is the selection of top quality basic ingredients,
always regarded as an essential condition to maintain the highest quality standard
and also to respect stringent safety conditions during the entire production process.
With continuous efforts dedicated to research, the company has progressively
tested a variety of cereals and a large number of recipes, in order to differentiate
the nutritional and caloric content of the final products. The company started
producing also frozen products, to take advantage of low temperature to maintain
the flavor, the taste, the quality of typical “artisanal” products.

Export manager   Fratelli Chiaramonte

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