Cagnara is the extra virgin olive oil that boasts the designation DOP Terra di Bari-Bitonto and is the synthesis of the philosophy of Olio Ciccolella: high quality and enhancement of the territory.
Cagnara is the extra virgin olive oil extracted from the Coratina variety, harvested from the farms of the Ciccolella farm during the last olive oil campaign.
The privileged use of this variety allows to obtain an extremely fragrant oil with a surprising intense fruity taste.

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Color: Intense green with shades of gold.
Aroma: Suggestions of fresh olives, as if they were just crushed, cut grass, hints of almond and artichoke.
Taste: The vegetable notes mingle with a pleasantly bitter and spicy impact. It surprises for the long and persistent finish.
Gastronomic indications: Ideal for strong dishes like cream of beans, salad with arugula, cream of pumpkin soup, bruschetta with homemade bread, burnt wheat orecchiette and vegetables, red meats, roasts and cheeses.

Available only in 500 ml glass bottle.

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Olio Ciccolella

The Ciccolella family has owned large plots of land in the province of Bari since 1878. With about  8000 trees of Coratina and Ogliarola from Bari olive varieties, the olive grove of Ciccolella farm covers an extended area in the heart of the Apulian olive production.

For over 4 generations all the members of the family have dedicated themsleves with passion to the careful care of the olive trees. The collection of an excellent fruit was the result of their efforts. Then , following the milling process with traditional stone mills, they produced the authentic “yellow gold”.

With this approach,  Giuseppe Ciccolella, owner of the company, put in practice “the olive oil culture” where the knowledge of the Apulian oil tradition is mixed with the technological innovation and dedicates himself personally to the cultivation of the olive tree and to all the stages of the transformation process fron the olive harvest to the pressing up to the bottles.

Thus was born an extra virgin olive oil of superior quality obtained only with olives from the farm. An extra virgin oil that stands out for its organoleptic properties for the perfume, for the color and the typical flavor of the cultivars. A different, innovative, plastic-free packaging that combines practicality and elegance also contributes to enriching the quality of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The term “cultivar” indicates the existing olive varieties and denotes the morphological characteristics suc as the tree, the leaf and the drupe, as well as the phenological ones, determining the fundamental phases of the plant suach as flowering and maturation.

We could say the cultivar, or the variety of belonging describes the DNA of the plant and consequently the extra virgin that will be born from the fruit.

Export Manager: Marco Nassisi

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