Bresaola Wagyu – Premium Line – Metodo Zero® – Whole Piece – Cold-cuts counter



1,3/1,6 kg whole piece for cold-cuts counter

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Our premium Bresaola Wagyu is produced through an innovative and patented production method, METODO ZERO®, validated by SSICA, the Parma Experimental Laboratory for food preservation, controlled by Italian Ministry of Agricolture.This is made starting from excellent Wagyu fresh beef inside round cap off cuts, born, raised and slaughtered in Australia, salt rubbed by hand, without use of any preservatives (zero nitrite and nitrate) and other allergens, and finally dry cured with a very long maturation and aging. The product is vacuum packed in aluminium bag. Complies with current EU laws.

Metodo Zero®
1) We use fresh premium beef meat only.
2) Metodo Zero® means Zero Nitrites, Zero Nitrates, Zero Gluten, Zero Lactose.
3) We dry-rub each fresh raw meat piece by hand with our secret recipe.
4) We let our bresaola in a long rest both after salting and stuffing
5) To fully enhance all the aromas and flavours we include a very long aging period.


INGREDIENTS: Beef, salt, natural flavours


Texture: smooth

Appearance: whole piece

STORAGE CONDITIONS: Storage Temperature for vacuum packed product: +2°/+7° C

PACKAGING: Darfresh®

SHELF LIFE: 150 gg under storage conditions laid down

CHEMICAL PROPERTIES: Moisture: g/100 g 53,53

Ashes: g/100 g 4,60

Nitrogen, protein (by calculation): g/100 g 31,38

Total Chloride (expressed as NaCl): g/100 g 3,70

Aw: 0,93 pH: 5,39, Nitrite: absent; Nitrate: absent

NUTRITION INFORMATION (per 100 g): Energy: 899Kj/214 Kcal

Fat: 9,5 g of which Saturates: 3,7 g

Carbohydrate: 1,2 g of which Sugars: < 0,5 g

Protein: 31,4 g Salt: 3,7 g

ORGANOLEPTIC QUALITIES: Typical smell, pleasant Typical taste, sweetly spiced Natural burgundy red color, typical for a zero preservatives cured meat

PRESERVATIVES AND ALLERGENS: Preservatives (Nitrite e Nitrate): Absent

Allergens (also by cross-contamination): Absent

Gluten: Absent

Lactose: Absent

GMO-free: Produced from non-GMO ingredients

Retail Price:

Wholesale Price:


Net weight: 1,3/1,6 Kg

Gross Weight: 1,8/2,3 Kg

Shelf life: 150 day

Regione: Lombardia

Minimum order quantity: 1 Unit

Unit Box: 2 Unit

Certifications and Awards: Halal Certification SSICA certification Experimental Station for the Food Preserving Industry, headquartered in Parma, controlled by Italian Ministry of Agricolture Eligible for Japan GMO-free


Mode of transport:

Giò Porro

Giò Porro top class gourmet cold cut bresaola ( salumi / cured meats / beef cut ) nitrate-free
Giò Porro is a maker of unique quality products based in Valtellina.
This artisan re-discovered the most traditional ways of Bresaola’s making, developing a methodology denominated “Metodo Zero”: a nature inspired productive scheme plauded and validated by the research team of the experimental station of food preserves of Parma.
Our products are based on the most prized breeds, of which Wagyu, Angus and so on.
Samples available on stand for tasting.

Export Manager Andrea de Paolis

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