Bistecca alla Fiorentina

The famous Fiorentina to do with the braceda.
Chianina (IGP)meat farms , minimum weight 1-1,5 kg

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Dish produced in the wake of the Tuscan tradition, the famous Fiorentina to make on the grill, slow cooking five minutes per side and ten minutes standing (minimum cuts 1 kg. For a great success). Excellent for grilling.
The Chianina is one of the oldest cattle breeds and takes its name from the Val di Chiana, where it is raised. It is easily
recognized thanks to the white porcelain coat and the extraordinary dimensions: it is the largest bovine in the world.
The bullock has the most succulent, nutritious and fortifying meat. Its meat has a bright red color, fine grain, firm, firm and elastic to the touch, with small infiltrations of fat that furrow the muscle mass.
Cow meat has finer grain and a less vivid color; if it comes from a beast fattened “artfully” and of average age, the quality is equal to that of a bullock, also from the nutritional point of view.

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Net weight: 1 Kg

Gross Weight: Kg

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Regione: Italia

Minimum order quantity: Unit

Unit Box: Unit

Certifications and Awards: I.G.P.


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Mattone Due

Mattone Due is a brand and a guarantee of quality because it works with Tuscan excellence, the EEC stamped salami and fresh meat laboratory in Montaione (Florence), which for over fifteen years has been creating its products in accordance with the best tradition of our Region.

Mattone Two meats and cured meats put their brand on the products making sure of their origin and their quality, for this selected only the best breeders, among which also the Tuscan breeders of the Regional Association of Tuscan Breeders (ARA Toscana), who certify the origin of cattle registered with the Tuscany-Tuscany brands (cattle born and bred in Tuscany), Maremma Tuscan Beef and Beef from Pisa in accordance with the respective specifications.

Export Manager: ImpresaSnella

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